The real voice – The introduction of BADHOP

Hello, I’m Shin. This is a small introduction of BADHOP that is a Japanese hiphop group. I am writing this blog because I am into their albums lately, so I would like to share their real voice with foreign peoples.

BADHOP are 7 members that include T-Pablow, YZERR, Tiji Jojo, Benjazzy, Yellow Pato, Bark, G-kid, Vingo. They have grown up with the same city, Kawasaki city in Kanagawa prefecture. The city is a sort of ghetto in Japan. So, they have committed criminal acts from the childhood. the video as below explains their life in Kawasaki city.

『Kawasaki Drift』is one of the most famous track in their track list, I remember I felt a little shock when I saw this video in the first time. First, they can put the latest US hiphop style into the music naturally although Japanese language is very different from English. And, the lyric is very powerful and persuasive.

I heard again that someone says there is no easy way out in this city ― Bark
To be famous in the Kawasaki city, there only two ways, Rapper or Murder ― T-Pablow

I am sure that they have “Real voice” in their generation. In some interview, YZERR says “We are saying the real thing, the thing we experienced in our life.”

『Kawasaki Drift』is included in the album, BADHOP HOUSE, I really like this album,『2018』is a song full of provocative message with Vingo and Benjazzy.

I am getting a lot of haters and cash in my bank account. ― Benjazzy

『Mobb Life Tour』is a song that they explain their changed lifestyle, through Japan tour, they enjoy the stage, alcohol, girls and its trip.

YZERR says “We are now on the stage looking over the crowd, here is the situation we have never imagined, Many iPhone’s lights toward us, I cannot believe this.” in『Diamond』.

Lately, Quavo (Migos) meets them in the studio is the U.S. I really surprised it. I think that they are preparing the next album.

I cannot wait their new album!!!


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